Due to the new wave of COVID-19 spreading in Thailand since the end of December 2020. Bangkok is currently under restriction to have any large scale gathering. This conference will be postponed until further notice. 

Revive Asia Global Prophetic Conference / National Prophetic Summit

Thu 25 – Sat 27 Feb 2021 @ Asia Hotel, Bangkok


We are living in perilous and uncertain times where the unprecedented is becoming the new normal. How should God’s people respond in the midst of an explosion of fake news and propaganda generated from the playbook of the devil intending to prime the world for the revelation of the antichrist?

 The only antidote :

A powerful prophetic church that understands the Apocalyptic End Times! 

 Thailand’s redemptive gift is to be a cutting edge prophetic nation as evidenced by the proliferation of false prophets in the form of fortune tellers and dabblers of witchcraft.  The devil cannot create but can corrupt and redirect the use of the prophetic gift of God to steal, kill and destroy people.

This First Thailand National Prophetic Summit aims to gather prophetic leaders to become Throne Room prophets and a prophetic company to discern, declare and decree the Kairos Word of God for Thailand and the nations.

This prophetic conference will also encourage, equip and empower a new generation of Kingdom disciples to become aligned with God to be triumphant in these challenging times.

This summit and conference will also prepare them to become a prophetic voice to their sphere of influence and to be a prophetic people ready for the second coming of the Lord Jesus.  It will also serve as a platform and network to connect Thai and international leaders for end times preparation.

Summary of Objectives


Spiritually awakened Christians to arise to the prophetic light of God (Isaiah 60:1).


Prophetically awakened Christians to be aligned with God’s end times plans and become His voice!


Prophetically arisen and aligned Christians receiving their assignments to do great exploits (Dan 11:32)

Guest Speakers

(Pre-recorded / live streaming video)

Dr.Robert Mawire

Chairman and CEO of WRNO Worldwide Short Wave Radio Co-founder of Ariel, a Smart City in Israel. The prophet who has influence over many world leaders

Dr.David Herzog

Founder, David Herzog Ministries
TV Host “The Glory Zone”

Ray Bentley

 Senior Pastor of Maranatha Chapel, A Prophecy Expert, Published Author and world wide radio show host

Charlie Shamp

President of Destiny Encounters International. The prophet who predicted major world events and bring healing & revival to the nations.

Dr.Steven Francis

Prophet & Founder, Rivers of Life Ministries

And more…

Conference Venue

ASIA HOTEL | Bangkok, Thailand

Conference Schedule

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  • Sunday morning 9.30am – 1.30pm @ 6th floor, CCT building. Ratchathewi BTS
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Revive Asia

Catalyst for revival, reformation and transformation! Providing cutting-edge resources and strategic processes to become Kingdom churches that will do that greater works of Jesus

Revive Asia Founder

Pastor Chee Kang Seng 

The Founder and Senior Pastor of Living Streams International – one of the fastest growing apostolic networks in Thailand focusing on the prophetic, power evangelism, revival and church planting. He has ministered in conferences and revival meetings in 17 nations and preaches with the fire of God’s presence, releasing God’s prophetic directions and Kingdom strategies for the end times.

Co-hosted by

Host Committee

Ps.Chee Kang Seng

Ps.Siriporn Piyatasanapong

Ps.Nimit Panich

Rev. Poomwanetr Meteakrakul

Ps.Siriporn Sukanjanasiri

Ps.Wanna Thaiwatcharamas

Ps.Trujit Niederer